Sunday, March 12, 2017


I am not that fellow Old West fan (maybe a little one) and it is not High Noon.

Showdown is not a gun battle, instead it is a JavaScript Markdown to HTML converter that can be used server side (nodejs) and client side (browser).

My little UI5 control wrapper should be seen as a starting point for your own implementation, because i also added the prettify extension to highlight code (css, js, etc.) and remotely load content using ajax.

Showdown Demo

Source is located in the github repository.

Friday, January 13, 2017


Hello again in 2017!

Since i am a fan of using SVG images i always missed the feature to use as inline/embedded content inside my UI5 apps. Using SVGs by reference only does not allow to style parts of the image with css.

UI5 uses font based icons to include vector orientated images, but these kind of images are monochromatic only.

That's why i implemented a custom control, but also a prototyp which overrides the framework default behavior to allow usage off file names like NAME.inline.svg through different controls that have a img src property.

I included a demo, to show the usage off both implementations.


I put some links on top of the demo, that are quite handy helpers to work with SVG or infos in general.

As always, the github repository contains the control sources and a demo app.

Maybe the future of UI5 will be more colorful ;-)

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Advent Calendar

It is the time of the year again where i am going to be sentimental and thinking about me, my family and the life in general.

While reading the new codrops collection #264 edition i noticed the nice Cube Advent Calendar from Mary Lou.

I thought this would perfectly fit my blog if i could bring this to UI5.

As a small benefit, each day links to one interesting topic published in 2016.

OpenUI5 Developer Advent Calendar

So i hope, you will have some fun with the UI5 Advent Calendar and maybe we will see us next year.

The github repository contains the sources as a complete Web IDE cloneable project.

Have nice holidays and a happy new year!


Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Awesome Cloud

In former times, creating word clouds was mostly done using flash, applets or silverlight.

Searching for something similar using native javascript, i found a small jQuery plugin called awesomeCloud, that does something similiar without such needs.


Thursday, October 13, 2016

SAP HANA, express edition

At SAP TechEd Las Vegas, SAP announced that there will be a free version of his SAP HANA application stack called SAP HANA, express edition.

The full fledged HANA stack is free of charge and also allowed for productive use.

The current version based on SPS12 also features node.js development as server side development language called SAP HANA XS Advanced (XSA) driven by the Google V8 JavaScript engine.

SAP HANA, erpress edition

So if you wanna give it a try, you can register and download a binary installer or a virtual machine image.

System requirements / features

SAP HANA, express edition comes as a binary installer or as a pre-configured virtual machine image (ova file). If your host runs on an SAP HANA, express edition supported operating system, you can choose either the binary installer or the ova file. Otherwise, you must use the ova file.

Operating systems supported by SAP HANA, express edition include:

  • SuSE Linux Enterprise for SAP Applications, 11.4, 12.0, 12.1
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.2

HANA, express edition databases are limited to 32 GB of RAM

If you have not worked with HANA before, the side also offers a lot of developer related information.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Belize will be the new BlueCrystal

Some weeks ago, the UI5 team allowed us to have a look into the current development process by adding the nightly build sdk to their cloud.

My blog now contains a shortcut in the links section to quickly navigate to the latest version. The link is above the regular sdk link, because this site is stable enough to use it for daily work.

With the upcomming new 1.40 version of the SDK, which reflects the ui refactoring concerning SAP Fiori 2.0, we are able to get a first impression of how it looks like.

SAP Fiori 2.0 UI Preview

Some days ago, the "What's new in OpenUI 1.40" site was updated and tells us, that Belize is the new BlueCrystal (after releasing 1.40)!

The Belize theme is pointed out as the new standard theme while BlueCrystal is marked as deprecated.

Even inside the Explorer, the Belize theme is used by default while BlueCrystal is removed.

Try the nightly updated Explorer to discover the new look and feel.

Personally, i like the new modern and fresh design. The theme itself comes with two different flavours, the regular experience and a contrast one (using class sapContrast, see NotificationListGroup example). So actually we will get two themes in one theme package.

The UI5 SDK 1.40 is expected around october, but the future is available right now ;-)

Friday, May 13, 2016

Mars Mission (Part One)

Inspired by Björn Goerke's "Bring Him Home" presentation at SAP TechEd and also DSAG Technology Days, i thought it would be time for a new mission cockpit.

Bring Him Home SCN Link 

This is the best presentation over the last years to deliver to new SAP spirit and technologies and worth to be seen.

In the last month i was thinking about how to present interesting stuff for my blog with some examples beyond the core UI5 features. After watching the movie and start to read the book, the idea was born to design a HUD like user interface.

Mission Cockpit