Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Application deployment without Eclipse

If you want to deploy you generated app on a SAP AS ABAP system, you normally would do this using the SAP Development Tools for Eclipse.

The ABAP Development Tools for SAP NetWeaver will allow you to deploy to SAP from inside eclipse.

If you will not or can not use this tools, there is a special report that will allow you to do this using the SAP GUI.

There are some possibilities depending on your installed technical base.

1) Systems with installed SAPUI5 infrastrucure

Using Transaction SA38 you can start the Programm /UI5/UI5_REPOSITORY_LOAD to load SAPUI5 app from and to local filesystem.

2) All other systems

2.1) Using Transaction SA38 you can start the Programm BSP_UPDATE_MIMEREPOS to batch upload MIMES to the repository (download is also available to get data from SAP to local).

Transaction SA38 - Program: BSP_UPDATE_MIMEREPOS

This is quite handy for doing a mass upload of mime data. Using SE80 you can only upload/download one file per operation (nice job if handling thousands of ressources ;-).

2.2) Using WebDAV Client

Another option is to use a WebDAV client on condition the service is activated on your ABAP system (or you have the rights to enable the needed service) but this will be shown next time.

Christian Ghisler has updated his TotalCommander WebDAV Plugin (since version 2.4) to fullfill the needs to communicate directly with SAP AS ABAP. This is the easiest way to upload/download mimes the windows explorer way.

WebDAV was part of Windows XP and could be used natively from Windows but it is no more running since Windows 7 (dropped by Microsoft).


  1. I was wondering what the best way to get the MIMEs in SAP NetWeaver without a bunch of bugging the Basis team to import a SAINT addon -- Looks like I'll just upload the framework files this way. (That's what I did a few years ago for Sencha ExtJS)


  2. HI,

    You can also use /UI5/UI5_REPOSITORY_LOAD program in SE38, to upload, download and delete.


    1. That's true if UI5 has been installed as the SAINT addon only, right?

  3. Hi Ram,
    thanks for the info. I will divide the post, so system with UI5 package installed can use the new way and customers without UI5 packages can go the old way. So they are also able to run UI5 without the needed technical updates.


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