Friday, March 7, 2014

Google Chrome and Chrome Canary side-by-side

Chrome Stable
The Google Chrome browser is my prefered browser for surfing and developing.

I like the included developer tools that make it quit funny to inspect CSS, debug JavaScript and trace network connections.

Chrome Canary
Besides the great offerings in the standard version there is also a nightly build of Chrome called Chrome Canary. If you are developing for the mobile, there are some nice additional development tools included.

It is possible to install both versions side-by-side, so you can get the best of both worlds.

Now let us come to the benefits.

OpenUI5 1.18.9 available

The OpenUI5 SDK has been updated to the lastest release (even newer than SAPUI5 SDK 1.18.6) and is available for download!

To find out was has changed have a look into the release notes.

Hopefully for future releases SAP will find a synchronized strategy to avoid difference between SAPUI5 and OpenUI5. I am also still waiting for an initial commit to the official SAP OpenUI5 GitHub repository.