Saturday, February 14, 2015

Kickstart the SDK (Update)

This is an update to my former blog "Kickstart the SDK".

Since writing the blog post (one year ago), a lot of things happened. SAP has pushed the OpenUI5 codebase directly into the Git Hub repository "SAP/openui5". They also added a GRUNT based task running tools to beb able to serve and build the SDK.

All the interesting information about that are nicely described inside the docs subfolder. The readme file will give you all information you need for quickly start into it.

Currently, the build process is not able to minify/compress the sources in the build process, so the target build will be more suitable for developing reasons. For productive szenarios, you should still use/download the OpenUI5 Runtime version.

During development, the package brings a lot of nice goodies.

Let us go more into detail...