Tuesday, April 7, 2015

MixUp your List

A design trend for 2015 is to use micro UX effects (micro transitions) to nicely tell the user that something is going on in the background.

Imagine, you have a list (or grid) and wants to change the sort order, or do some filtering on it.

What happens inside UI5? The items will be sorted/filtered and the DOM will be rerendered. The result is, that the list will be removed and rerendered to the matching items without a visually hint, that this has happened in place.

Luckily, UI5 depends on jQuery and there are some libraries that will do the job for us like MixItUp or Isotope. The libraries have their own licensing concerning private and commercial usage, so please read the licencing section before using it.

I prefer the MixItUp approach, so i devided to give it a try.

MixUp your List in action

Now let us go into details and see the live demo...