Monday, November 16, 2015

Happy 2nd anniversary

Two years ago, i decided to start this blog to share some parts of our knowledge from customer projects.

Our deep understanding of the UI5 core is getting better each day and luckily the SAP core team is also fixing reported issues and providing some useful info to us (thx for that).

During the SAP TechEd in Barcelona i was able to rethink what i have done in the last two years and what we got from SAP.

The following top ten list will represent my favorites over the last two years.

Top Ten

  • UI5 has got his CDN on Akamai allowing worldwide performant access to the core
  • nearly stable core (except OData v2, Routing Tagets, Component Configuration/Manifest) but changes has been gladly appreciated)
  • 8 minor releases (or are they major?)
  • grunt build tools (thx matthias oswald)
  • powerful declarative component configuration (thx manifest.json)
  • binding expressions (do not know what i have done before?!?)
  • the return of the table (not anything needs to be responsive), aka ALV Grid
  • powerful new router with targets that allow lazy loading of views
  • support of new os versions (because i migrated to windows 10 ;-)
  • keeping the core small and performant

Happy anniversary and thanks to the UI5 core team.

It is again this time of the year where i feel very thoughtful and since the holidays are not far away, i decided to write a wishlist (because this worked quite good in my early days).


  1. bringing the Smart widgets from SAPUI5 also to OpenUI5 to allow a model driven UX experience
  2. really asynchronous core, component and view loading
  3. more power on grunt build tools (minification, etc.) to solve some performance issues on mobile devices. Maybe someday we were able to get our two file build (app.html/app.css/app.js) to avoid countless AMD requests.
  4. OData v4 support

You can see, my wishlist is quite short, because the best thinks are currently part of the lib and there is no further need.

After the hard work in the last month concerning our UI5 project, i hopefully will find the time to write some blogs in the next time, so stay tuned.

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