Saturday, January 16, 2016

OpenUI5 vs SAPUI5

On February 2016, there will be a german congress called

DSAG Technologietage 2016

concerning SAP Technology for customers.

I am a member of the DSAG working group user interface and ABAP/Java development and was asked to hold a presentation concerning the differences between OpenUI5 and SAPUI5.

The presentation was also planned for the TechEd last year, but the OpenUI5 preconference has been canceled.

I just finished my presentation, and this is the intro

DSAG Technologietage
17th February 2016, 15:30h

If you are visiting the conference, i would be glad, if you will be part of the audience.

One part of the presentation is a live demo of our B2B E-Commerce suite we have developed the last 2 years using UI5.

The last time has been very busy, but i hope i will find the time to write some blogs in the near future.

Stay tuned...

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