Saturday, July 30, 2016

Belize will be the new BlueCrystal

Some weeks ago, the UI5 team allowed us to have a look into the current development process by adding the nightly build sdk to their cloud.

My blog now contains a shortcut in the links section to quickly navigate to the latest version. The link is above the regular sdk link, because this site is stable enough to use it for daily work.

With the upcomming new 1.40 version of the SDK, which reflects the ui refactoring concerning SAP Fiori 2.0, we are able to get a first impression of how it looks like.

SAP Fiori 2.0 UI Preview

Some days ago, the "What's new in OpenUI 1.40" site was updated and tells us, that Belize is the new BlueCrystal (after releasing 1.40)!

The Belize theme is pointed out as the new standard theme while BlueCrystal is marked as deprecated.

Even inside the Explorer, the Belize theme is used by default while BlueCrystal is removed.

Try the nightly updated Explorer to discover the new look and feel.

Personally, i like the new modern and fresh design. The theme itself comes with two different flavours, the regular experience and a contrast one (using class sapContrast, see NotificationListGroup example). So actually we will get two themes in one theme package.

The UI5 SDK 1.40 is expected around october, but the future is available right now ;-)