Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Awesome Cloud

In former times, creating word clouds was mostly done using flash, applets or silverlight.

Searching for something similar using native javascript, i found a small jQuery plugin called awesomeCloud, that does something similiar without such needs.


The lib is not actively developed and either not such feature completed as the big ones using brwoser extensions, but you will get an idea, how this works.

To make distributing demos easier for me, this is the first demo natively stored in GitHub and developed using SAP HANA trial Web Ide (free to register).

In the next time i will add a new section concerning web ide with some best practises to see how this easily works for my demos.

This small example demonstrates a custom control initializing the jQuery awesomeCloud plugin, allows to use xmlview word tag declaration and binding using a JSON model.

The github repository contains the sources as a complete Web IDE cloneable project.

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