Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Arcade Database

In the last time, i spent some time working on my virtual pinball cabinet and also on my retropie software version for an upcomming hardware bartop cabinet (hopefully).

Playing around with my database, i thought it would be nice to have a nice ui to view game logo, marquees and intro videos directly in the browser. There a a lot of great retro arcade databases out there but most of them lack in a nice ui combining this info.

Arcade Database

Currently, i ran into a lack of time so this piece of code is not fully coded into the last detail. It is also addressed for browser usage, because i need more time to figure out a nice way of adapting video player responsively with outer cabinet image to resize aspect correct on all levels. Therefore this version hardly forces a fixed outer frame, but you will get the idea.


  • app using local json model
  • dynamically loading of game logos
  • favorite filter toggle
  • dynamically loading arcade marquee and youtube demo video of selected games
  • inline extension of dark belize theme


Released under the Apache license. Have at it.

The sources for this project can be found in my GitHub YouTube repository.