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Holger Schäfer
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My name is Holger Schäfer and I work for the UNIORG Group (a German SAP consulting company) as a Business Unit Manager.

The main focus of my work is to bring new engaging web technologies to our customers to give them a unique web ui experience for any device.

In the last years we have been focused on Sencha products because SAP WebDynpro for ABAP and JAVA were too restricted and did not fullfil the needs for a modern flexible UI that could also be used on mobile devices.

Another restriction was the need for a standalone SAP NetWeaver Gateway or to upgrade/patch the existing infrastructure to the needed technology stacks. Especially in our B2B E-Commerce scenarios, a middeware that is completely based on open source technology for licensing reasons is always needed.

Since the end of 2013, SAP provides SAPUI5 as OpenUI5 under an Apache Open Source licence. The current stable state of the SDK and the possibility to realize Open Source apps on it, are the reason to use UI5 as our main UI strategy.

We have started to migrate our core business products, B2B E-Commerce and OrderTracking, using UI5. The apps will be able to run natively against SAP ECC, SAP HANA, SAP Business One and also on our new cloud-based middleware depending on node.js and MongoDB.

Besides the closed SAP developer cosmos, I found the most innovative web inspirations inside the open web communities, so I decided to share some knowledge and to see what you guys can do with such a great enterprise ui framework.

I will be glad if some of the blogs can show you how things can be done or how to find some inspirations without having to reinvent the wheel by yourself.

Any comment, suggestion or criticism that could help me to improve this blog, and eventually produce the most appropriate help for you, will be appreciated.


  1. great job!! Holger, I will be your follower!!


  2. Hi Holger,

    It would be great if you post these blogs on SCN UI5 community as well. I see some really interesting posts in your blog that will be beneficial for the UI community.

    1. Hi Ekansh, i did this some time before, and posted a link to my blog, but some post were refused. The blog rules does not allow such things and i do not want to redundantly write the blog for both! Also my blog is more focused on OpenUI5 and SCN is more intended for SAPUI5 (even if the api core is the same). SAPUI5 developers (especially fiori) are mostly focused on standard widgets, but my blog will show something different depending on more general web needs.


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