Monday, January 20, 2014

Mobile UI Design made easy with AppBuilder

SAP is offering a node.js based tool to visually design user interfaces.

AppBuilder is a browser-based Integrated Development Environment built with standard technology (HTML5/JavaScript) to create and manage mobile application projects for mobile devices. AppBuilder’s simple WYSIWYG interface leverages SAP UI5 controls and enables you to use data services from SAP Mobile Platform, OData, REST, or local file system. AppBuilder features the ability to integrate with SAP Mobile Platform so you can leverage the capabilities provided by SAP Kapsel plugins such as application life cycle such as application life cycle management, authentication and single sign-on functionality, and integration with SAP Mobile Platform Server-based push notifications.
SAP Help
App Builder 1.0

An additional Documentation will further help you on starting your own projects.

If you fullfill the prerequisites you can simply install AppBuilder.

Installing AppBuilder on Windows (MAC guide is also available)
  1. Extract the file to the directory of your choice.
  2. From the directory where you extracted the contents of the zip file, double-click the run.bat file to launch AppBuilder.
  3. AppBuilder opens in a browser with the URL:
Now start do something like this

AppBuilder Project

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